A message brought to you by Texas Children's Health Plan

Lead Poisoning is preventable. Here are are some tips for protecting your family from lead poisoning.

Keep areas where your child plays dust-free and clean.

Clean floors, window frames, windowsills, and other surfaces
      weekly with a sponge and warm water.

Wash children’s toys and stuffed animals regularly.

Be sure that your children wash their hands often, especially
     before meals.

Do not burn painted wood—it will release the lead into the air.
Do not remove lead paint yourself. It will create a lot of lead
      dust for you and your children to breathe in. The lead dust will
      stay long after the work is completed.

Eat right. A child who gets enough iron and calcium will take
      in less lead. Foods rich in iron include eggs, beans, and red
      meat. Dairy products like milk and yogurt are high in calcium.

If your work or hobby brings you into contact with lead, be
     sure to change clothes, leave shoes outside, and shower after
     work. Work in construction, demolition, or battery or radiator
     repair can expose you to lead.
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If you are concerned about lead or have questions about your child’s health, call the Texas Children’s Health Plan Nurse Help Line at 1-800-686-3831.