Parent Training Class

Texas Children’s Health Plan understands that being a caregiver for a special needs child is a heavy responsibility, one that is taxing both physically and emotionally.  Parent training classes can be critical in helping a caregiver understand the needs of their child as well as provide a valuable support system. Texas Children’s Health Plan educators will offer parent training classes on a variety of topics relevant to STAR Kids members and their parents. Topics may include navigating special education opportunities and services and advocating for children with development or intellectual disabilities.

How do I claim my extra benefit?

Members will receive a post card notifying and inviting them to participate in an upcoming training class in their area. They may also call Member Services or visit to learn about upcoming training classes and register for those they are interested in. 

How will I receive it?

Members will receive a confirmation email once they have registered, including the date, time, and location of their training class.

Who is eligible?

This extra benefit is available to all members enrolled with Texas Children’s Health Plan and specifically part of the STAR Kids program. 

Is this extra benefit available in my service area?

This extra benefit is available to members in all covered service areas, including Harris, Jefferson, and Northeast.