Smoking Cessation Benefit

Texas Children’s Health Plan will help the parents of members under 20 years of age with up to $75 towards smoking cessation products.   

How do I claim my extra benefit?

Parents of Texas Children’s Health Plan members looking to claim this extra benefit will need to contact their Service Care Coordinator, Case Manager, or have received a doctor’s referral. 

How will I receive it?

Once your child’s eligibility has been verified with Texas Children’s Health Plan, you will be able to pick up your smoking cessation products from your local pharmacy. 

Who is eligible?

This extra benefit is available to parents of members who are 20 years of age or younger and who are tobacco dependent and have agreed to participate in a Smoking Cessation Coaching program.  Members should be enrolled in the Texas Children’s Health Plan STAR, CHIP, or STAR Kids programs. 

Is this extra benefit  available in my service area?

This extra benefit is available to members within all service areas, including Harris, Jefferson, and Northeast.