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Case Management Program (Service Coordination)

What is Service Coordination?

Service Coordination provides initial and ongoing assistance identifying, selecting, obtaining, coordinating, and using Covered and Non-Covered services and supports to enhance a Member’s well-being, independence, integration in the community, and potential for productivity.

What will a Service Coordinator do for me?

  • Provide a holistic evaluation of individual dynamics, needs and preferences.
  • Educate and help provide health-related information;
  • Help identify any physical, behavioral, functional, and psychosocial needs;
  • Work with the Member and the Member’s LAR and other caretakers in the design of an Individual Service Plan (ISP);
  • Connect Members to Covered and non-covered services necessary to meet identified needs;
  • Monitor to ensure access to covered services is timely and appropriate;
  • Coordinate Covered and non-Covered Services; and
  • Intervene on behalf of the Member if approved by the Member/LAR.

How can I talk with a Service Coordinator?

Contact the Coordination Support Center of Texas Children’s Health Plan 1-800-659-5764.

How to obtain a named Service Coordinator?

Service Coordinators are case managers who advocate and work with your healthcare team. Your assigned service coordinator ensures you receive timely, high quality, cost effective care and support during both acute and chronic phases of your health. Service coordinators safeguard your health through the creation of an individualized service plan, which includes a holistic evaluation of your physical, behavioral, and social needs.  

Call 1-800-659-5764 to request a named Service Coordinator.