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ALERT! We now encourage our patients to save their spot in line before coming into the clinic.

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Postpartum Medicaid and CHIP Coverage Extension | Learn more

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MyChart. Managing your care – made easy.

Welcome to Texas Children’s® MyChart, the secure portal that allows you to be connected to your health coverage information, 24/7!

MyChartWith this secure patient information portal, you can:

  • Update your primary care physician
  • Access and print a temporary ID card and request a replacement
  • Review your eligibility and coverage information
  • See referral information
  • Keep track of all your claims
  • Access Healthy Connections to track and redeem your rewards from our Healthy Rewards Program

Texas Children’s MyChart is free for our members and can be accessed from the convenience of your phone, tablet or computer.

Sign-Up Now!


Follow these 3 simple steps:


1. Submit a Request Access Form or call our member services team: 
  • CHIP - 1-866-959-6555
  • STAR - 1-866-959-2555
  • STAR Kids - 1-800-659-5764
2. Receive your activation link via email or text
3. Download the MyChart app

Download the MyChart app today! 


Now!


It's easy to add Texas Children's Health Plan features to your existing MyChart account!

Simply submit a Request Access Form or call our member services team:

  • CHIP - 1-866-959-6555
  • STAR - 1-866-959-2555
  • STAR Kids - 1-800-659-5764


Healthy Connections:

After logging into MyChart, you can access Healthy Connections under the “Resources” section. This is a separate website where you will need to create a separate account. On Healthy Connections, you will be able to review and redeem your rewards, complete your Health Risk Assessment and more.




Urgent medical needs: This service is not for urgent medical needs. If you or your child needs urgent medical attention, please dial 911.