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Texas Children's® Link Provider Portal

Texas Children's® Link is a web-based provider portal for contracted providers that allows secure, convenient 24-hour access to our member’s information. Through the Provider Portal, you can view a Texas Children’s Health Plan member’s eligibility, check the status of your claim, submit an authorization, look up an explanation for CPT, diagnosis, or modifier codes, and more.

Getting Started

Access Texas Children's Link
Request Access


Obtaining access for you and your practice is simple!  Click on the “Request Access” button to complete the request form. After your request is submitted, please allow 7-10 business days for processing. We recommend setting up challenge questions to provide an easier way to reset your password, click here to learn more.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact the Texas Children’s Provider Relations team:

To learn more about Texas Children’s® Link, you can view helpful ‘How-To Videos’ accessible on the portal under Quick Links.

Portal Use for Non-Contracted Providers

Texas Children’s Health Plan has a commitment to provide maximum security of member information, and a pledge to adhere to HIPAA privacy guidelines.

To inquire about becoming a contracted provider please visit this page

Highlights of Texas Children’s® Link

  • Check Claim Status

  • Verify Member Eligibility

  • Check Authorization Status

  • Authorization Requests, Submissions, and Utilization Guidelines

  • Claims Appeal Submissions

  • Batch Claims Submissions

  • Provider Education Material

  • Clinical Practice Guidelines

  • View important information about your patient’s care at Texas Children’s® Hospital, including discharge, consult and operative reports, imaging reports, lab results, medications, family history, allergies, problem list and more

  • Receive correspondence and messages from Texas Children’s® providers

  • View and receive notifications about inpatient admissions, discharges, emergency room encounters and urgent care visits

  • View upcoming appointments

  • View referral status

Texas Children’s Link Access by Role

FeaturesProviderClinical UserNon-Clinical User
Search and access all Texas Children’s patients  
Submit, cancel, and appeal pre-authorization requests to TCHP 
Search and access all TCHP members
Submit, review, and appeal claims to TCHP
View TCHP Remittance Advice
View TCHP member eligibility and benefits
View event dashboard to quickly view patient events
View demographics
View upcoming TCH appointments
Use InBasket communication tool