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Well-Child Checkups Reward


Well-child checkups are the best way to make sure your baby is growing healthy and strong, and Texas Children’s Health Plan wants to reward you for staying on top of their health.


  • $50 reward card when members complete 3 well-child checkups by the age of 15 months.
  • An additional $100 reward card when members complete 6 well-child checkups by the age of 15 months.

How do I claim my extra benefit?

After completing at least 3 well-child checkups by the age of 15 months:

  1. Log into your MyChart account
  2. Under “Menu”, go to “Resources”
  3. Click on “Healthy Connections” and sign up to redeem your reward card and access your balance**

Questions? Call Healthy Connections at 866-475-1619 (TTY 711). New to MyChart? Set up an account here.

Who is eligible?

CHIP, STAR, and STAR Kids members up to 15 months old who complete at least 3 well-child checkups.

What service area is this benefit available in?

Harris, Jefferson, and Northeast service areas.

** It may take up to 90 days to view your rewards in your Healthy Connections account.